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One of the most common marketing mistakes we witness almost daily, is companies who expend valuable marketing budget on marketing ‘tactics’ before they have a clearly defined and understood marketing strategy.

Think First, Act Second

That is, they move straight to the ‘doing’ stage, before they have developed the ‘thinking’ stage; the Marketing and Brand Strategy. We liken that to building a house without having architectural plans to guide you, or like hopping on a bus without knowing your destination or worse still, where the bus is going.

Without a thoroughly developed guiding brand and marketing strategy to underpin your marketing tactics, you are marketing by guesswork and without doubt, wasting hard earned and precious money.

The Ingenious Brandcarebrand and marketing strategy is the foundation on which all marketing tactics should be planned, then consistently implemented and measured against.

Key Questions That Drive Your Branding Strategy

To simplify and remove unnecessary marketing jargon Ingenious Brandcare developed five simple questions that every marketer must know the answer to – and share within and throughout your organisation.

If you know these answers right now then you are in control of your brand and marketing strategy, otherwise read on:

  • Question 1: Where do you want to be?
  • Question 2: What do you need to say to get there?
  • Question 3: How should you say it?
  • Question 4: How you do what you say?
  • Question 5: When do you say it?
Branding & marketing Agency in Vadodara Gujarat India

Simple as they may outwardly appear, the answers to these five Brand Questions will unlock the potential for your company or organisation to achieve your desired growth objectives through the application of a considered brand and marketing strategy.

These answers will also provide the linear process to replace ad-hoc and un-measurable marketing initiatives with a robust and thorough brand and marketing strategy.

One that is simply understood, easily communicated and fully understood throughout and across your business and importantly is an ‘actionable’ brand and marketing strategy that provides the foundation for all future marketing tactics and investment.

Successful Brand Strategy Process

What is Brand Identity and How to Build It

The Ingenious Brandcare brand strategy process is highly inclusive, sequential and iterative and its ‘ step-by-step ’ progression ensures understanding, compliance and agreement – replacing subjectivity with objectivity across all your marketing activities.

Unlike many others, the Ingenious Brandcare brand and marketing strategy process is bereft of ‘ wheel spinning ’ and delivers actionable outcomes in a fast turnaround period from engagement to implementation in market.

Then and only then does Ingenious Brandcare assist its clients to implement into the market in a disciplined manner ensuring that all activities are consistent with the agreed brand strategy.